The Philadelphia Chapter has committees in the following areas:

Communications & Public Relations Committee

This committee develops programs and procedures to promote and increase the visibility of the CPCU Society, its members, and the designation. The Committee Chairs will be responsible for managing and coordinating the Chapter’s message across multiple outlets.

Co-Chairs: Michael Povich and Judy Vaughn


Louise Flemming

Ethan Nadorlik

Paul Griffing


New Designee & Candidate Development Committee

This committee is responsible for developing and maintaining programs that increase membership by promoting the professional qualifications and ethical standards of CPCUs.

Co-Chairs: Polly Williams & Teron Richardson

Board Liaison: Paul Griffing


Ethan Nadorlik

Brian Gossner

Social Committee

This committee plans and executes several social events that offer professional networking opportunities and enhance camaraderie amongst our diverse membership.

Chair: Brian Gossner

Board Liaison: Ethan Nadorlik


Paul Griffing

Pat Riley

Good Works Committee

The purpose of the Good Works Committee is to identify specific charities for the Chapter to support via donation and/or actual service.  Specific events are expected to include the chapter's Student Scholarship Essay Contest, the Blossom Philadelphia Night 5k Run, the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance event, the Fire Safety Essay Contest and promoting the Insurance Day of Giving.

Chairperson: Jessica Kearney & Justin Schilawski


Margo Turtureja (UCP Run Liaison)

Michael Povich (PCA Event Liaison)

Larry White (Student Scholarship Essay Contest Liaison)

Pete Palestina (Fire Safety Award Contest Liaison)

Finance Committee

This committee works closely with the Chapter Treasurer to ensure our Chapter complies with all requisite regulations and operate as good stewards of the resources of our members.

Chairperson: Glenn Giveans


Chris Hampshire

Larry White

Michael Povich

I-Day Committee

The I-Day committee is responsible for the planning and execution of Philadelphia I-Day. This committee works closely with the Insurance Society of Philadelphia to organize and promote one of the largest I-Day events in the nation.

Chairperson:  Donna O’Brien & Michael Cusack


Chris Hampshire

Michael Povich

Anita Devan

Ada Hoffer-Perkins

Natallia Shastak

Franklin Award Committee

This committee is responsible for soliciting nominations,evaluating candidates and presenting the prestigious Franklin Award annually.

ChairpersonAnn Mhyr

Board Liaison: Chris Hampshire


Martin Frappolli

Peter Palestina

Joyce Shefsky

Glenn Giveans